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Don't speak only to be heard
Don't speak only to be heard
Don't speak only to be heard
Don't speak only to be heard

Daphne Heemskerk

Don't speak only to be heard


Size/ 42 cm x 65 cm
Edition/ 10, signed

Design/ Daphne Heemskerk (NL)

Poem/ Meghan Ferrill (USA)

Arabic translation/ Antoine Abi Aad (Lebanon)
Chinese translation/ Hanley Benjamin (USA)

Technique/ Silkscreen printing
Inks/ cyan, magenta, yellow


The poster incorporates the today’s social and political comprehension between the Western, Arabic and Asian world views. Culture backgrounds are valuable, for understanding the context of speaking and behaviour.

An integration of three languages, three scripts and three colors, the design contains diversity and similarity on several levels. The poem is translated into three languages, all maintaining their own specific scripts. The scripts become adapted by using the same typography. Also the positions of the languages (the readability) distinguish and mingle. The used colors refer to the process colors (cyan, magenta and yellow). The overlay colors (RGB) become visible there where they meet each other. The technique and result refers to the importance to exchange of different cultures.

The content of the poem, written by Meghan Ferrill (USA) was also important in achieving the design, particularly for the Arabic and Chinese translation. Searching the right translations brought me finally to Lebanon and New York, thanks to Antoine Abi Aad (Lebanon) and Hanley Benjamin (USA). It resulted into a true collaboration between ‘different’ worlds.